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For all the still-hopeful freshmen and disillusioned upperclassmen out there, I have produced the 10 Commandments of Queer Swarthmore Romance. Maybe not with one of your best friends, but definitely one of their friends.You will then endure at least one semester of avoiding their gaze, and greatly enjoy telling people all about it while scanning Sharples to make sure they are not within earshot.As a result of the aforementioned staying on campus and always seeing the same people, one can easily make some bad decisions.For queer students, there can be a strong pressure to hook up, leading to impulsive and ultimately- probably unwise decisions.But actually going off-campus just for a hookup, or to see a partner, can be hard.“There’s always UPenn and other Philadelphia colleges, but that’s not always accessible for people— it takes time and money to get there. If I don’t have the resources to go out I’m going to stay on campus and try to do things here,” explains Peters.

As openly LGBT-friendly as it prides itself on being, Swarthmore does have more demonstrative straight couples than gay.Also, seeing happy straight couples makes you want to be happy and visible in that way.Every time a TV show buries its gays [kills off a queer character, or teases and ultimately does not show a gay relationship] or something, that desire gets a little stronger.” Which brings us to the Third Commandment— Drink enough Franzia and you will get sad and bemoan your lack of a sex/love/emotional life, preferably alongside other Sad Gays.“It’s different to want to hook up and to want a relationship, but there’s so few options you end up getting confused.You do end up making mistakes and hooking up with people you’re not really into and then regretting it, and sometimes someone gets hurt,” says Peters.

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They’re very much things I’m not really into, personally.

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