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The decision was announced last week by the authorities of Purwakarta district, about 60 miles east of the Indonesian capital Jakarta.

The new regulation, which will only apply to youths under 17, is aimed at protecting their morality, preventing unwanted pregnancy and protecting the honor of families, local media reported, quoting the head of Purwakarta district, Dedi Mulyadi.

Reassure him that you are there for him when he is ready to talk and that your door is always open.

It might be worth seeking external support too – it could be your teen might feel more comfortable opening up to somebody they do not know.

We advise approaching him in a casual, more spontaneous way – for example, while you are watching TV together after dinner, or maybe while you are driving.

He is more likely to open up if he doesn’t feel under pressure, or that you are making a ‘big deal’ out of it.

This will also actively discourage him from seeking much-needed support.

“Back in the day, you could not visit a neighbor after 9 p.m.Try to be as proactive as possible and bring potentially sensitive issues into everyday conversation – regularly ask how they are getting on in their favourite game, for example. A good way of doing this is to ask him how you can help him, or what steps he wants to take next.It is also important to never assume anything about your son. Before you try and advise him, make sure you have listened to all he has to say, without passing judgement or butting in with anecdotes. Even if you don’t agree with what he is saying, try and stay neutral on the subject and do not devalue his opinion.But teenagers might not want to take their chances, as underage marriage ceremonies still occur in rural parts of Indonesia.Purwakarta is not the only place in the country considering eyebrow-raising measures to prevent premarital sex.

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In Sumatra’s Bengkulu province last June, the local parliament said it was drafting a bill to limit the sales of condoms and other contraceptive methods, especially to minors.