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Accomadating instruction for individual

I see these journals as a huge benefit for building rapport with my students as it will allow me to get to know every child individually.Taking the time to read and respond to each one shows that I am interested in their thoughts, feelings, and everyday life.The students will also have an opportunity to read about my own interests that I choose to share with them so they can learn about me on a more personal level.Finally, I would also like to have a “lunch bunch” where I would have lunch with a small group of my students once a week or so.Positive feedback has an enormous effect on students and their attitudes towards academics.One of my greatest strengths as a growing teacher is knowing when and how to provide effective feedback to students.Access to society journal content varies across our titles.

My personal philosophy stands firm on the idea that all aspects of my classroom will be based upon creating a community of learners.One way to begin developing this relationship is by teaching students efficient self-management skills for their own behaviors.Holding students accountable for their actions gives them a certain amount of responsibility that makes them feel like they are a part of their community.After students turn in homework, they should sit down at their desks and immediately begin copying the new homework assignments (written on the front board) for that day into their assignment planners.The students must have my initials in their planners by the end of the day.

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