Accomidating for

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Accomidating for

My brain was getting foggier and I went to bed as soon as I got home each day.

I would lose steam rapidly and find it difficult to keep my head up or to follow conversations.

The lymph nodes in my neck would swell and throb, and it was incredibly uncomfortable to sit with my head unsupported.

The thing about most chairs is that they don’t support your head.

Most afternoons I was very distracted by the pain in my neck, and I found myself focusing on productive, since this office didn’t have anywhere that I could lie down with my laptop.

I learned very quickly that when I didn’t need to agonize about looking productive, I got much more done much faster.

Eventually, I even found out that my vague but worsening symptoms were caused by a host of tick-borne infections.

The assignments should be meaningful, reasonable, and individually suited to the needs and abilities of the student” ( [2017], 3-12).

Following that principle and in consultation with the student, parents, and priesthood leaders, makeup work strategies for attendance can and should be individualized for each student.

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