Adult site noreply

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Adult site noreply

Nutaku is an online gaming portal bringing you high-quality games from around the world.Whether RPGs, tower defense, or dating sims, our specialized teams deliver the best titles from every genre - including exclusive English-language access to the hottest Japanese games on the web.Your email (which was much more lengthy than I could share here) detailed a history of trust and commitment issues between you and your partner.

The answer is that I put a malvware on a site that has adult videos (porn) and you accessed the website to have fun (you know what i mean). I do watch porn but 99% pornhub which (i think) is trusted from malware so I assume this is random...

Therefore, to answer: what you've received is most likely spam.

A quick search for found that they've used several Florida-based Google Voice phone numbers to spam random cell numbers with the message, "Hi I put a pic on my page on just sign in and check it out ;-)".

While you were watching the system began to function as a RDP (Remote Desktop) with a keylogger through which I had access to your screen and your webcam. In my opinion U0 is a fair value for our little secret. But it did get me thinking enough to check into it. Given I only have a webcam on my mac I was skeptical.

After that my software collected all your contacts from messengers, emails and social networks. I created a double-screen video - First Part Your Screen Record (you have a nice taste, lol) and Second Part the recording of your webcam. you will make the payment via Bitcoin (if you do not know this, search "how to buy bitcoin", it's very easy) My bitcoin address is: 1uc JRLg BSAqcy C4b Zo UJx3Cd Tup FAGQZm You will only have 1 day after reading this message to make the payment (I have set a special pixel in this email and I will know when you read it). Received my Feedburner "You should be ashamed of yourself" scam letter today myself. Plus the bit about "set a special pixel" - I've gone through the full message source and can't see anything remotely connecting to an external address to notify that it's been read.

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