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You don't want to lose credibility with your target market. Approach companies directly to ask if you can advertise for them.

If your site is already getting lots of traffic, try looking for sites that offer complementary products and target the same niche market as you do.

Different affiliate programs offer different payout options.

Some might offer 10 percent commission for each sale, while others pay up to 50 percent of each sale.

Call them on the phone instead of just e-mailing them so your communication is more personal and professional.

Be ready to supply them with information about your business and your site traffic.

If you're just getting started on the internet--or simply looking for ways to add new revenue streams to your business--you might be considering accepting ads for other companies' products on your website.

Who wouldn't like to make a few extra bucks without any effort?

While affiliate links aren't technically ads, they allow you to make money by promoting someone else's product.To make sure this doesn't happen, test every aspect of each new ad campaign you run.Once you do discover the internet advertising strategies that work best for your site, you can try promoting another product, and then another.You'll want to shop around for the best deal for you and the best fit for your site. Google's Ad Sense program allows you to make money advertising on your site by placing targeted text ads generated by Google on your pages.To find good affiliate programs, check out the following directories: Some internet advertising pros are actually making all their income from signing on with multiple affiliate programs. This isn't a strategy for beginners, however, so take some time to check out different programs before committing to this option. The ads appear in rectangular boxes running down the side or across the bottom of a web page with the words "Ads by Google" over the top.

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