Afghani sex

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Afghani sex

a eunuch."Rassoul did not flinch and replied that, if he had a family, he would have spent half of his time with them, and only half his time on the job - but as he was unmarried, he could channel his efforts towards his job. Social media has been equally brutal in its treatment of presidential candidate and former foreign minister, Abdullah Abdullah.Afghan social sites are replete with sensationalised accounts of the intimate life of the sartorially resplendent presidential contender.Most of the personality smearing comes from Afghans living abroad and through social media.""In Afghanistan, a wife is called a 'namus' [honour]. No outsider has the right to comment on another man's 'namus'. Those people who have made Zalmai Rassoul's marital status an issue, should first bring out their own wives and introduce them to the public.I very much doubt that they would do that," he says."A lot of it has to do with younger journalists who are educated outside Afghanistan.

It is said to be widespread across southern and eastern Afghanistan's rural Pashtun heartland, and with ethnic Tajiks across the northern countryside. Tight gender segregation in Afghan society and lack of contact with women have contributed to the spread of bacha bazi, rights groups say.

If someone talks about an [extramarital] affair, that is also valid because Afghans are a traditional people and among traditional people, these things matter," he explains."I think in the end, Afghan voters will behave more like the French than the Americans," she says.

"Afghan journalists have behaved quite professionally and have stayed away from such personal scandals.

"But when we go to vote, nobody will care about anyone's sexual orientation.

[They'll look at] who can help us build a better living standard for our children and the future generation.""It's not like people didn’t say such things in the past, but people didn’t write these things and make them public before," he says.

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