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Amanda arlauskas bob harper dating

I have changed leaps and bounds since I've been here -- body, mind and soul.I'm stronger, I'm healthier -- physically and mentally. Sometimes in life you need a jumpstart, you just do. I assumed that you were going to drop this big-fat number.Rob Huizenga -- and the news was not what she wanted to hear -- as he informed her that her CPK levels were up and she would have to be shut down completely for a week. I don't understand." Tracey then returned to the ranch and told Mo about her new restrictions.Not only did this mean no training with Bob and Jillian, but it also meant no walking, swimming or exercising at all. "Tracey not being able to work, I know that I have to carry the weight for the team this week," he said.Although Daniel and Shay had immunity, they still weighed-in and were the first to get on the scales. "Not a bad strategy," said Allison, accusing Daniel of purposefully not losing weight since he knew he was safe regardless. "Otherwise you're really going to get the crap beat out of you this week on top of it." Green Team members Abby and Allen were the next to get on the scale. The Orange and Pink teams also discussed the decision and knew that the Brown Team would have no problem voting for them but still discussed the strategy of ousting two instead of one. Shay said the Orange Team said they based their vote on who would do the best at home and decided to oust Julio.Dina said the Blue Team went back and forth on their decision but ultimately settled on voting for the Brown Team."Sometimes people have to say things to you for you to understand it.You don't always see it yourself until it just slaps you in the face." Tracey then met with Dr.

"I have a lot of people that love me at home, and there's no way they're going to let me quit," he said. I'm ready to see my family." During a post-show update, Julio revealed that he has lost an additional 69 pounds since returning home and hopes to be at his goal weight of 207 pounds by the season's live finale in December.Tracy's fellow Purple Team member Mozziz "Mo" Dewalt explained it was a "favor" with nothing coming back to the Purple Team in return, however Shay wasn't buying it. In addition, Tracey said she plans on talking to a doctor about still being on restricted workouts due to the injuries she suffered during the season's premiere.Afterward, Jillian implored Julio to work harder and asked if he was happy being so overweight.The winner would receive a stocked kitchen for an entire year.The challenge commenced -- and the Orange Team of Shay and Daniel, the Brown Team of Danny Cahill and Liz Young, and the Pink Team of Amanda Arlauskas and Rebecca Meyer all correctly chose the healthiest dinner.

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