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That meant I wasn’t able to get laid as a negative stereotype minority anytime I want during my early years, let alone crack the code once and for all for negative sterotypes.

SIMPLE PICKUP, OR SIMPLE FUCKUP, SIMPLE BULLSHIT SCAMMY PRODUCTS THAT DOESN’T WORK, SO YOU HAVE TO BUY MORE FROM FAMOUS MARKETERS To make things worse, I felt terrible because none of this shit really works when the company is more famous. Looks don’t matter, race doesn’t matter sounds very appealing.

For example, once a guy commits, he loses any potential opportunity to date other women.

Some men, or shall we say immature boys want to keep their options open for as long as possible.

THE TIMING OF IT HOW IT IS UTILIZED FOR SPICING I ended up getting so frustrated that we decided to focus on educating people that big name brands doesn’t always get people results.

I chose to coin the term “the underdogs of the daygame industry”.

As a result of all this I were able to achieve the following: Show you don’t need a big name company to get results since most people gets burnt by 5-6 different daygame companies before they train with me It is the coach not the style or the brand.

Even in martial arts even if the style was great, the coach can be greater The better a company is at marketing the more manipulative of Machiavellian they are After showing negative stereotypes that there is a better way, I was not only able to teach the underdogs without a big name company, I’ve also been able to stop telling people its all game only because it sells better, but I can tell them the truth, every category matters, because we can now get students laid a lot more quickly being brutally honest.

I really wanted to figure out daygame 18 years ago so I wouldn’t have to suffer anymore .

Nat Geo took you into the life of Albert Einstein with its first season of “Genius” and now it’s about to spice things up with the story of Spanish painter Pablo Picasso, played by Antonio Banderas, we might we add.

And based on the first trailer, this season is portrays the tortured genius (duh) who womanizes his way through the world while creating beautiful works of art.

To be fair at both ends of this study, we did not include any shows with fewer than four episodes to calculate.

That hurt "Young Sheldon" and saved "SWAT" -- so you're even here, CBS.

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I was even broadcasting from their mansion, met some of the other members. I was advised to not join any daygame companies and keep going with my own. I’m back for a short while, getting retrained for world domination.