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The hidden motive behind these slogans was to unleash brutality and make it ready for use in imperialistic wars.Sadism originates from ungratified orgastic yearnings. The facade is inscribed with such names as 'comradeship,' 'honor,' 'voluntary discipline.' Concealed behind the facade, we find secret revolt, depression to the point of rebellion, owing to the hindrance of every expression of personal life, especially of sexuality" (2).Another source of "Steiner's" "anthroposophy" is the romantic natural philosopher and physician Ignaz P. Troxler (1780-1866), who created in the wake of Schelling a speculative anthropology and, what he called, "biosophy" (14).

Anthroposophy is a cult for people fearing inner movement and development, searching for complete ideological armoring, the complete petrifaction ("Ver-Steiner-ung") of the world (20).

The goal of the anthroposophist is the "Dreigliederung" (three-segmentation, trinomialisation) of his or her own inner life into thinking, feeling, and will.

These three elements shall become independent of each other.

The rest of anthroposophy, like "biodynamic" farming, is taken from Celtic-Germanic traditions, Hannemann's homeopathy and, of course, Goethe.

Although Steiner's approach to nature, from "pure" ideas downwards, is the very opposite of Goethe's functional approach.

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Steiner had any reason to present his teachings as divine revelation not to be questioned: his complete metaphysical philosophy, as well as his educational "Waldorf" theories, were stolen from the German idealistic philosopher, educationist, and psychologist Johann Friedrich Herbart (1776-1841).