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The best way to get a handle on an antisocial personality is psychotherapy.

One would assume that medication is the first recommendation, but surprisingly, “there is no research that supports the use of medications for direct treatment of antisocial personality disorder,” reports.

In over three decades of experience of dealing with victims, it’s clear that the majority of emotional victims I see in clinical practice are actually victims of an individual with a “Personality Disorder”.

The “Personality Disorder” has been around for many years.

Many of the symptoms can become dangerous not only for the person afflicted with the personality disorder, but also for those close to the individual.

The Antisocial Personality ranges from individuals who are chronically irresponsible, unsupportive, con artists to those who have total disregard for the rights of others and commit criminal acts with no remorse, including those involving the death of victims.Antisocial personality disorder is characterized by alarming and misunderstood symptoms.For example, a pervasive lack of remorse is common in individuals who suffer from antisocial personality disorder and it often appears as if the individual has no feelings at all, which is not the case.As a family member, they maintain themselves as the center of attention and keep the family in an uproar, or they may be the 45 year old brother who has never worked and remains dependent on the family for his support.They may be the brother or sister who verbally bullies and intimidates others with their temper tantrums.

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As a friend they may be irresponsible, selfish, unreliable, dishonest, and often create significant problems in our life.