Asp net 2 0 gridview onrowupdating

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The code first has to retrieve the Grid View Row, which is done by retrieving the Command Argument which in this case a row index of the rendered grid view items.

Although the Grid View Command Event Args have a Data Item member that member is unfortunately not set with the Data Row as you would maybe expect.

Since you are not using the datasource controls(which is a good thing), the Old Values and New Values collections will not be populated automatically.

So, here is some sample code that I use, and maybe it will help you: This goes in your Row Updating event Dim cell As Data Control Field Cell = Nothing 'This type will change if you are using Bound Fields 'The collection(s) have to be populated for EACH cell.

Now as you can see in above code I am searching for the deletelinkbutton and attaching the Java Script On Click event with the control No.2 (Cell 0) - because auto-generated buttons are always placed in the "zero cell".

I don't know about you, but I cringe every time I need to create a Grid View based layout that needs to create a few custom link handlers off that grid.

Using Template fields with Command Argument and Command Name also fires the fires the same Row Command event on the Data Grid.This small post shows how you can attach a Java Script confirmation message to the the auto-generated "Delete" button in the ASP. This might be an old trick, but it might be helpful for beginner developers. ASPX grid code: is true, which means that you can now see a button to delete a record directly from the grid.However, it would be great to ask the user whether he wants to delete the record or not.So rather than getting the bound item directly, I have to retrieve the grid Row's Data Item index, then use that index and retrieve the value from the original data source.At that point I have the data I need to be on my way and do my business logic (which in this case is very simple).

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But the handling of the Grid View Command Argument is quite different.