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“In the way that [I used to meet guys] — how would I meet anybody from Kentucky? “When I hugged him for the first time, I felt like I was at home. In subtle ways, we see God every single day.” Jeff says finding Nicole through Catholic Singles was God’s reminder to him that his life was not over.

“Right when I said I was gonna quit, He was like: No you’re not, you’re gonna quit when I tell you to.

If you’re looking to meet a nice Jewish boy or girl, has over half a million members hoping to do the same thing.

You’re gonna quit when you meet her.” “Face it,” it says on the most, important criteria in looking for friends or a soul mate.” Catholic Singles is a Catholic-owned and operated internet dating site founded in 1997 where, for a fee as low as .95 per month, members can search for a mate.

To single men and women who use non-religious sites like Match.com, and who don’t list their faith as one of their primary criteria in meeting someone, the premium Catholic Singles places on religious beliefs might seem strange.

But for the site’s members, the issue of faith is essential — it goes beyond a person’s occupation or hair color and reflects one’s deepest values.

As the oldest of the three, Catholic Singles boasts “more Catholic singles than anyone.” In 2008, it added a Spanish language version of the site.

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Here, we look in depth at these three sites and share the stories of those for whom they’ve worked and those for whom they haven’t.

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