Bert belasco dating sam witwer who is he dating

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Bert belasco dating

*Wink* And in some points of views….catering to is a form of subtle submission…think about it. I have a feeling that there is a gray area here that is in need of a dye job. So if I live by these few rules I am allowing my man to be a man?

THIS is what a real independent woman is all about. Respect for Respect should be the basis on which this blog should be concluded to. I read that comment and I wanted to revert back to southern Baptist Church days. 200 Men Said...., African, African-American, American, angry, BMW, boy, Cameroon, chivalrous, chivarly, communicate, communication, condo, conversation, detect, difference of opinion, differences, dislike, door, drinking, driving, gentleman, grown man, HGTV, interact, interaction, intesne, Lady, late, life styles, mad, male, manhood, Men, Nigeria, Nigerian, open, opening, overreact, pissed, relationship, respect, respond, responsibility, sign of the times, slow, spend the night, upset I don’t think that men actually get it. Why couldn’t I have been born 50 years before my time. He irks the shit out of me in ways that I didnt even know that I could be disturbed. took meds…then said I could come over for a little bit but not stay the night. Read the rest of this entry » Okay, so I learned not to use the word PAMPER when refering to a man… I mean, the fastest ways to piss me off is to not act your age and to stab Chivarly in the back in my presence. I would rather have fought Jim Crow than to squabble with Dumbasses. But I was right on point when it came to them liking when their woman catered to them. It doesnt make you less of a man but it lets you get closer to your woman. Still to this day he keeps bringing it up as one of the most thoughtful things that any female has ever done for him…and we dont even date any more…lol. I have to insert a line or two here on behalf of the INDEPENDENT WOMEN who think like I do. Of course I agree with the intro to Vince V’s response and “……”‘s answer cracks me the hell up. Fellas, I never say it out loud, but I am an independent woman, and how I behave in the streets is not how I am at home.

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