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So, we can create a query with the following update statement: UPDATE “Employees”, SET, and then assign the value of the string “Stella” to the “first name” column, the string “Parkinson” to the “last name” column, the 31 of December 1990 to “birth date”, and “F” to “gender”.The condition here is to have an employee number that equals John Smith’s number, 999901.Check what we have in the “Departments duplicate” table – nine rows and two columns with information. For the sake of this exercise, we will change all the department numbers and names in this table. “Departments Duplicate” is a table now comprising identical rows!

You cannot restore data to a state corresponding to an earlier COMMIT.When updating your table, the WHERE clause is crucial, although by default in My SQL it is set to be optional.If you don’t provide a WHERE condition, all rows of the table will be updated.Nevertheless, nothing would have happened – the statement would have worked, affecting 0 rows, because the data table doesn’t contain an employee with such a number at the moment of the query’s execution.Stay focused for another interesting feature we will discuss next.

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If we’ve done this by accident, is there a way to go back? Or, if we have not run a COMMIT command beforehand, it will take us to the beginning of the entire SQL code, and we will potentially lose hours of work.