Breast milk dating site

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Breast milk dating site

Always label your pumped milk with a time and date so you can tell how old it is.

The app is designed to be a platform for connection, but it is strongly advised that all mothers get to know each other and build a relationship on trust before exchanging the goods.A new app (which is due to be released in April) will be able to connect breast milk donors with breast milk recipients. Originally from Russia, Vlad now studies in New Zealand and came up with the idea after witnessing his friend struggle with the complexity of breastfeeding supply and demand.Aware that there are several mothers who need donated breast milk, he hopes his app will make it easier for mums to connect.Keep in mind that these guidelines are intended for healthy, full-term babies. If your baby is preterm or hospitalized, ask your baby's doctor for recommendations on storing breast milk.

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Also, breast milk starts to lose nutritional benefits over time, so that's another reason not to store the milk too long before feeding it to your baby.

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