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C textbox validating errorprovider

The Windows Forms Error Provider component is used to validate user input on a form or control.

An error provider is a better alternative than displaying an error message in a message box, because once a message box is dismissed, the error message is no longer visible.

The Error Provider component displays an error icon () next to the relevant control, such as a text box; when the user positions the mouse pointer over the error icon, a Tool Tip appears, showing the error message string.

The Error Provider component's key properties are Data Source, Container Control, and Icon.

When the component is added in the designer, the Container Control property is set to the containing form; if you add the control in code, you must set it yourself.

You can assign one of these properties or all of them if you need to perform multi-level validation.

For example you can require the input for text-box and enforce the format to be an email by assigning Validation1 and Validation2 properties.

Select control you want to assign validation to and change its Validator1 property to choose desired validation type.

In previous example you’ve seen required field validator.

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I see the message boxes "before" and "after" but the form doesn't close... Isn't exactly for the Cancel button (which closes the form) that the Causes Validation is for?