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The same is expected in return and the crab’s natural insecurity will drive some prodding to prove it.

Male and female Cancers are much more restrained when making close friends and they may be few and far between.

The crab is an emotionally needy sign, which simply does not do well without an emotionally responsive partner.

In this respect, a dual Cancer match is ideal as you can count on your friend or partner to share a similar emotional connection and understanding.

Cancer is a sensitive sign, and the stereotypical moodiness of the crab simply does not play well with signs that are emotionally sensitive.Both the Cancer man and Cancer woman will likely start very guarded and cautious, only gradually growing to trust and give all of themselves over time.In this mirrored relationship, the long wait should be no struggle as the crab is as patient as he or she is devoted.Overall, the compatibility level of a Cancer man and a Cancer woman pairing is extremely high and, with a bit of understanding, no issues should get out of hand.Cancerian men and women usually have a large and diverse set of friends.

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The emotional connection required for fulfilling sex will, of course, be in abundance as they both share this important need.

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