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Such communications are allowed only in cases of necessity, the fatwa says.

The move is ironic in a country where an estimated 37 million people use the Internet and where half of the population of 80 million is under 25.

“If a relationship exceeds these restrictions it becomes prohibited.

In shari'ah, a woman is commanded to avoid anything that might make her an object of desire for men or an object for forbidden feelings.”A social sharing bar on the left of this and every page on the website allows readers to spread the posts on Twitter, Facebook, and nearly 300 other social websites, many of which offer chat features.

One of Egypt’s top religious leader, Sheikh Ali Gomaa, has a vibrant Twitter and Facebook persona himself. I can use a knife to cut butter or to cut innocent civilians heads like ISIL does.”How much impact this will have on Egyptians pecking away at their Facebook messenger or Gchat lists is yet unknown, and the edict isn’t being entered into law.

The country’s highest Islamic authority, the Dar Al Ifta, issued an edict with the explanation that chats are no longer allowed because “as many experiences in our present time prove that this opens the door for evil and frivolity, an entrance for Satan, and is a source of corruption and sedition,” according to a translation.With balconies, turrets, and windows seemingly stuck on at random, it looks ready to fall over in the next stiff breeze.To the madcap, eccentric family that lives inside, it’s not just a home—it’s a castle. With their new friends, Brian and Nora tangle with giant wasps, sharp-tusked wild boars, and a crazed bureaucrat intent on bringing the dangerously dilapidated old house down with a wrecking ball.Brian’s smarty-pants cousin Nora hates his guts and, even worse, his Uncle Gary expects him to stay indoors all day testing educational software.It’s the worst summer ever—until Brian kicks a soccer ball over the fence, gets lost in the forest with Nora, and discovers a huge, old, dangerously dilapidated wooden house that’s home to Cosmo van Dash and his eccentric family of adventurers.


In Egypt, religion and politics have coexisted uneasily, as the new government continues to push out all remnants of the formerly powerful Muslim Brotherhood.