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"I am such a private person," Kostek told the news outlet."It was hard at first when people would send articles with my name on it.Between the hair extensions she’d need for length, the stage makeup that team management suggested, and the bi-monthly French gel manicure required for events, Nicole estimates she spent about ,000 to look the part for the season.Although she and her teammates only made minimum wage for practices, and slightly more for games, Nicole says she still made a little money when it was all said and done.Before Nicole’s* first practice as a rookie NHL pro cheerleader, she was issued a photo of Gabrielle Union from 2010 and told that it would be her look for the season.Smooth waves that tumbled down her back, contoured cheeks, and red lips were now mandatory for every game, practice, and event she worked.At least, she’s pretty sure she did — she decided not to keep track.Nicole also pays for two gym memberships on top of the one that’s provided by the team so she can wake up at a.m.

And much like she's always supported him from the stands, he digitally cheered her on after she walked the runway for a Fashion Show on Sunday.

By the summer of 2015, the football player was making appearances on Kostek's Instagram account.

"Friday night date night," she professed along with a black and white shot of the two together in September 2015.

Whether their fight will make a difference is still unknown, but some have paid a high price just for a shot at change.

According to Bailey Davis, a former three season pro cheerleader for the New Orleans’ Saintsations who is currently suing the league and her former team for gender discrimination, staying skinny enough to please team management is a challenge for a lot of cheerleaders.

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"I always knew who he was before I was even a cheerleader. While he continued to stick to that story, even telling E!