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As a result, they spent more time apart than the average couple.

With the bloody media scrutinizing their every move, their relationship was practically in shambles by the time they went through their final breakup in 2011.

It also may be spelled as Chelcie, Chelsa, Chelsee, Chelseigh, Chelsey, Chelsi, Chelsie and Chelsy.

While Prince Harry may be flying solo, it looks like his former ex Chelsy Davy may have found her match.

Each time news broke that they'd gone their separate ways, their many fans around the world were gutted.

The pair met in early 2004 while Davy was a boarder at Stowe School, and were an on-again, off-again couple until May 2010.The constant camera flashes and poppycock stories constantly published in the press would be enough to make any sane person go completely cuckoo. "It was so full-on: crazy and scary and uncomfortable. At the height of their relationship, Prince Harry was living his best life, gallivanting all around London and hitting up the city's hotspots.As such, Davy would frequently greet the camera lenses with ice-cold glares. It didn't take long for the media to refer to him as the royal wild child — a party boy who was just looking to have a good time.Here are some of the reasons why Chelsy Davy and Prince Harry broke up.Many women dream of becoming a princess and joining the British royal family, but not Davy.

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