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Consolidating resort

One thing led to another and 46 years later I am still here.

Why do guests find Taos to be different than other mountains do you think?

I have skied Taos for 100 days or more every year for more than 40 years and I never get bored.

The climate here is one of the best in the world for skiing.

This was a good snow year and we had good skiing from start to finish.

One of my jobs it to be a mountain guide for guests and sometimes you get to the right place at the right time and have the chance to share a special run in just the right conditions.

After that year I went to NZ to teach at Coronet Peak in Queenstown then back to Taos in the Fall.In addition, the community of Taos is thousands of years old and was settled way before there was skiing so it has a very special history and culture that draws people to it.Do you have any secret life hacks you bring to your everyday job? but I do try and look around every day and appreciate how special this place is and how lucky I am to have made a life here.There are, however, resorts sticking to their roots and preserving a strong identity to their brand and ski culture as a whole. For us here at Spyder, our relationship with Taos has provided us with the fortunate opportunity to get out and ski some of the best terrain in the U. We touched base with two outstanding individuals from Taos Ski Valley to get their take on just why Taos is unique.Name: Chris Stagg Title: VP of Taos Ski Valley Length of Employment:46 years How did you end up working here? I moved West to ski when I attended University at the University of NM.

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I had that experience a couple of times this winter.

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