Conversation starters dating couples

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” isn’t an effective first date conversation starter. ”Avoid closed-ended questions, such as “How was your day? ”Comment on a piece of clothing or accessory Even better, wear a funky brooch, scarf, or necklace.Making small talk is easier if you ask “Whatever happened with ‘__________’ “? If you’re talking to someone wearing any accessory, ask where it came from or what the significance is.Talk about the “elephant in the corner”If notice that there seems to be nothing to talk about, then your date is probably noticing the same thing. I often say this to start conversations: “Isn’t it awkward when you feel like you have nothing to say?” Then you’ll start talking about that – and you’ll both be more relaxed.

Whether it's talking with somebody in the class or with a son or daughter of a family friend at home, teens do not know what to do or talk about, so as to get the conversation going.When you’re making small talk, follow up on what your conversation partner is saying.For instance, if they say they’re “doing excellently”, ask why.If they mention that they’re exhausted, follow up on it.This is a good first date conversation starter – and a great way to get to know your date better.

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