Dataadapter not updating database kinshuk mahajan dating

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Dataadapter not updating database

A Data Set is an in-memory data store that can hold numerous tables.Data Sets only hold data and do not interact with a data source.One way to relieve this is to use a Data Set that is updated one time and stored in the cache.

This Lesson shows how to accomplish something in-between Sql Connection and Sql Data Reader interaction by using the Data Set C# and Sql Data Adapter objects.

With a Sql Data Reader, you have to go back to the database for records every time you show a page.

This requires a new connection for each page load, which will hurt scalability as the number of users increases.

It is the Sql Data Adapter that manages connections with the data source and gives us disconnected behavior.

The Sql Data Adapter opens a connection only when required and closes it as soon as it has performed its task.

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However, there is one overload that accepts a string for the name of the Data Set, which is used if you were to serialize the data to XML.