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It can also shake up an existing social order, bringing in a breath of fresh air to stratified social status.

Freshman year is high school, but not all high schoolers are the same.

FAFSA forms are based on tax information from January of a student’s junior year.For Freshmen, and to a lesser extent sophomores, this is not always a great thing.Sure, older students have much to teach younger students about leadership and excelling at extracurricular activities, but it doesn’t end there.He explained it this way, “Think about what time is okay for a high school senior to come in a night.Realize that every year you will want to move their curfew back a little bit in acknowledgment of their growing maturity and freedom. If you start ninth grade at midnight, you will soon find yourself in trouble.” Couldn’t have said it better.

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It seems almost inconceivable that we could have a child this old, as our own high school days seem not so far removed.

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