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Dating a girl with bad credit

Thus all major expenses would probably have to be borne by you – whether you want to go for a Mediterranean cruise or buy that 52-inch screen LCD TV, it is your paycheck that will be on the line.

Finally if the person you're marrying doesn't believe in managing money wisely, it could lead to a lot of conflict.

So use caution before signing any joint agreements and if in doubt, always have a document checked by your own attorney or accountant.

So if you have married a person with bad credit and then if you proceed to jointly seek a mortgage or a business loan, you may find your application being turned down.

And even when your application is approved, the repayment terms may be far stricter and more expensive than it would have been had you jointly applied for the loan with a person with better credit rating.

An even greater danger in marrying someone with a bad credit is that you may stand to lose your own financial assets.

In simplest terms, a person with a bad credit has incurred debt way beyond their present capacity to repay.

A credit rating determines a person’s credit worthiness.

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A carelessness about financial obligations may just as well signify a lack of sense of responsibility in other areas of life.

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