Dating a non animal lover

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Dating a non animal lover

As well, adjusting your relationship with your dog to suit your partner will cause your partner to believe that he or she is capable of doing this again in future situations. Dating someone, who shares the same morals, values, and interests, is of the utmost importance.

If you love your dog, you should make that a requirement for potential partners.

If you wish, you can use a photo of yourself with your dog, or simply a photo of your dog as one of your feature pictures.Their first few interactions will teach you a lot about your potential partner.Pay close attention to both your dog’s and the person’s body language.The person continued to explain how her boyfriend not only disliked her dog, but the relationship she had with her dog, and would take it upon himself to “train”, abuse and neglect, her dog to his liking. After reading more comments, and her responses to others begging her to leave her boyfriend, I became more concerned for her and the dog’s health and happiness.I wondered how anyone could allow their partner to treat their pet this way, especially after she explained the extreme closeness she shared with her dog. With every comment, she would attempt to negate a previous statement she had made.

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You can read examples in my previous articles, such as “Letter To My Clueless Dogless Friend.”hold my dogs’ health and happiness above all else, relationships included.

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