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Then he said if I bulk up I'll notice the same thing because being stocky is more masculine and dominaant..

and that being lean/skinny for a man is a bad thing because only women are supposed to be slim.

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This guy I was speaking to was pretty big (think of brock lesnar) and i'd like to look like that one day but it might not be in my genes cause all my family seen to be ectomorphs.( (I'm only 5 10 and weight 154) so my questions are... does being slim hurt a man's chances when trying to attract women?

are there any men here who noticed an increase in female attention after they put on weight/bulked up?

You signed up to Attractive Partner’s “Elite” package, which promised bespoke headhunting, but to date you have only been offered three men, none of which met your paticular criteria (your no-nos include skinny men, beards, and anyone living more than 100 miles away).

Also, whether or not it's in your genes doesn't matter. Lift hard, eat tons of calories and you'll get bigger and gain muscle.are there any men here who noticed an increase in female attention after they put on weight/bulked up? People generally find ideal to be something in between.Their preference also sometimes depends on what THEY weigh. Here's a height/weight photographic chart to help you see where you may want to be and what it may look like. Damn you, gender roles I'm conditioned to believe in. When you want him to carry you but you know he can hardly lift paper. You can't wear his boxers to bed because they're super tight and uncomfortable. I swear they're children's boxers but he'll never say. His boy T-shirts fit you really well, so you can steal them (and not just for sleeping). I know we're together and he constantly tells me I'm super hot so that's probably my answer but ... It doesn't matter if he's bigger or smaller than me, but it feels like it matters! Because he is perfect and you adore him even if he cannot open any jars ever.

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When you're on top during sex and you're worried his lungs will collapse.

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