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Dating foreign service dating online

To search for records you will need to do one or both of the following, depending on the type of record and the date of the record: For details on when and how to use these resources see the following sections of this guide.

The most numerous type of Foreign Office record is general correspondence.

The papers of a large number of bilateral or multilateral international commissions, from 1790-1967 are among the Foreign Office records at The National Archives.The document reciting the agreed terms of the treaty, signed and sealed by the plenipotentiaries of each side is the Protocol.Following the signing and sealing of the Protocol, ratifications were drawn up, and signed and sealed by the head of state of each party and exchanged, or sometimes deposited in an agreed place if there were several parties.This guide will help you to find records created by the Foreign Office since its birth in 1782, and by its successor, the Foreign and Commonwealth Office, and now held at The National Archives.The records of the Foreign Office provide a wealth of information on British relations with foreign states from 1782 to the present day and can also provide insights into the history of domestic issues in countries around the world.

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