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If you are in Abashiri in the winter months then you can actually trek on a horse over the frozen Sea of Okhotsk which for many visitors is the experience of a lifetime.

In the summer you can ride over the rolling hills for which this part of Japan is so famous and check out the flower gardens which are resplendent with marigolds and other colorful plants.

As you walk around the museum you will find pictures of these communities as well as curios and memorabilia such as hunting equipment and even some seal intestines.

Lake Notoro is one of the signature attractions in Abashiri and most people come here in September.

As a result, you will find a range of tasty seafood in the lake and you can go digging for clams here from April to September.

The Ainu culture is one of the less well known cultures in Japan, which makes it well worth a visit to the museum alone, but you will also find galleries dedicated to other groups such as the Canadian Inuit and the Sami who hail from Scandinavia.

Criminals were shipped off here as punishment for a range of crimes and they would have been used to build much of the town and also some of the infrastructure around Hokkaido such as the railway lines.

In the winter months you can enjoy a series of activities such as ice fishing and riding on an amazing icebreaker boat, and if you come in the summer then you also won’t be disappointed.

The buildings here date from the Meiji Period and you can walk through them and check out a range of models who are chained up in the original shackles that the prisoners would have been made to wear.

There are also other galleries that also tell the historical background of the buildings and contain ancient prison relics, but bear in mind that some of the exhibits are a little gruesome so they may not be suitable for very young children.

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If you want to know more about this amazing phenomenon then this is the place to do it and one of the main highlights of the museum is the chance to get hands on with some of the exhibits.

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