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A little girl is abducted from Stockholm's Central Station.

The girl's father is a suspect and all resources are aimed towards locating him.

Fredrika Bergman is hired as a civil competence within the police.

Golden Globe winner Laura Dern stars as Amy Jellicoe, a 40-year-old woman who returns home to California after a month's stay at a holistic treatment facility, a result of having a mental breakdown at work triggered by her self-destructive ways.

Over the next 25 years, the radioactive waste was moved to sites throughout the city's northern suburbs, and was eventually dumped into a landfill.

Until recently, many residents were unaware of the dangers of that waste.

More Info In 1942, the US government chose St Louis, Missouri, as a processing centre of uranium for the first atomic bombs.

After informing Freddy about his and Gary's plans going astray, Ray is picked up by Davros' slow-witted bodyguard, Bobby, and the wily hitman, Dave, who abduct Ray in his own car.

Ray tells his captors about a hidden strongbox containing a great deal more cash than they're being paid to do the job.

More Info As Bea and Franky go to war for control of the prison, Bea makes a daring bid for freedom.

Meanwhile, Fletch is on a downward spiral of self-destructive behaviour as his final day at Wentworth looms.

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Sam and Luna argue after Martha Bozeman shows up wanting to see her granddaughter.