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“It is an escapism from what is a pretty depressing time: Brexit, austerity, Trump, to name a few.” Like “The Bachelor” and “The Bachelorette,” “Love Island” is often dinged for its lack of diversity.Contestants represent only a small subset of society.“I think I can say honestly that I didn’t even recognize myself and I had to change my life and my lifestyle to find myself again and make myself in a much more happy place, which I am now.It can have a really ill effect on your mental health.” Is she glad she went on the show? “I would say it was a really good experience for me, but I think it had quite a negative impact on me as a person.” On the surface, there are a lot of reasons the show has been successful. Three members of Parliament — Lucy Powell, Jess Phillips and Stella Creasy — have admitted to binge-watching it.

“ ‘Love Island’ really blows that apart.” The story is dictated by what actually happens, rather than a specific format. “You really don’t know what’s going to happen in any given episode, or even in any given act.” Erin Riley, who watches in the United States via Hulu, says she’s not usually a fan of reality TV, but she’s hooked on “Love Island.” “I feel like I’m going through the contestants’ journey along with them — seeing challenges, re-couplings and breakups almost in real time instead of three months later after producers have chopped up the footage to edit the story lines.

This common obsession is “Love Island.” The series, originally known as “Celebrity Love Island” when it aired in the mid-2000s, was rebooted a few years ago and has since captured the hearts of fans in Britain and globally. edition on CBS starting July 9, is more extreme and interactive than your average reality TV show.

On the surface, it’s just another reality dating show, bringing male and female contestants known as “Islanders” into a tropical villa to couple up, with surprise twists and new Islanders joining along the way. The premise is supposedly about finding love, but much of the show is based on humiliating the Islanders for our entertainment.

Everyone is required to wear barely-there swimsuits and their hair and makeup have to be continuously perfect.

The clocks are all set to different times, purposefully, and access to the mainland is cut off, so the contestants have nothing to do but get involved with each other, often in ludicrous ways like exercising for hours or discussing issues they know nothing about.

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