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Posted by / 08-Apr-2020 10:02

(According to the experts at the Kinsey Institute, the average number of lifetime sexual partners for men aged 30 to 44 is around seven, while for women in that same age group, it’s four—both lower than you might think).

When he broke up with me he wrote a Facebook post detailing my sexual past. Male friends and female friends are surprised but have never been rude to me about it or commented on it. My husband knows and has a past in the past mentality.But that’s a topic for another day.) ♦◊♦ It’s understandable to be curious about the sexual lives of our peers.It makes sense to want to know what the averages are.♦◊♦ I lost my virginity at 17 to my high-school girlfriend. Beyond that, we—who have shared so much sexually and emotionally in our nine years as a couple, six years as spouses, and two years as parents together—don’t need to know more specifics.She was a year younger but much more sexually experienced. When we’re in a monogamous relationship, what we have a right to insist on is that no names get added to the list after our own. I’ll be crushed if my wife adds a number six or a 56 behind my back.

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