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You’ll be able to track when people are on the page, how long they spent there, and what they did afterward.

If you want more appointment requests on your website, you can set up a goal where every time someone sees the confirmation or thank you page for setting up an appointment, Analytics will count as a goal completion.

You’ll have the ability to run ads to everyone that visits your website, increase traffic, and drive home specific things.

In our sclerotherapy example, you could target anyone that visits your website on Facebook and send them an ad.

As a result, we ended up spending the entire week at the conference rebuilding the site from scratch.

Long story short: it’s worth it to pay a little more every month to have the peace of mind that your website is secure and functioning to the best of its ability. The adage is true: a great image is worth a thousand words.

By inserting a small piece of code on your website, everybody that visits your site will help build an audience on Facebook you can market to.

Large, high-quality images will sell the end benefit of your service (i.e. Don’t hide your results – scream them from the rooftops. People want to know what they’re walking into because if they had their choice, they wouldn’t be coming into your office at all.

It doesn’t make any sense to have stock photos of random people, even if they are from another medical practice.

Our entire team was up in New York City at a conference.

We were getting ready to launch the site in the new year.

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Social share buttons enable people to share content from your website in one click with anyone in their network. You can find some that are 100% free, and people love using them to share with their personal network of friends and family.

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