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Less than a minute later, Robinson knocked him out for the count with a right to the jaw.He retired after losing his very next fight, a 10-round decision to Chuck Davey.

A couple of weeks into amateur fighting, Graziano was arrested for stealing from a school.The knockout blows consisted of a perfect combination of a right to Graziano's body, then a left hook to his jaw. His last attempt at the middleweight title came in April 1952, when he fought Sugar Ray Robinson.He dropped him to his knee with a right in the third round.He went to Coxsackie Correctional Facility, where he spent three weeks, with boyhood friend Jake La Motta, and then he went on to the New York City Reformatory where he spent five months.After he got out of the reformatory, he headed back to the gym to earn money and while there, met Eddie Cocco who started his professional career. A couple of weeks later, Graziano was charged with a probation violation and sent back to reform school where he was charged with starting a minor When Graziano got out of jail he enlisted in the military but went AWOL after punching a captain.

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However, Zale rallied and knocked him out in the sixth round to retain his title.

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