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The Byzantines were engaged in prolonged warfare against Persia and could not defend their Balkan territories from barbarian incursions.Their horde was a remnant of Old Great Bulgaria, an extinct tribal confederacy situated north of the Black Sea in what is now Ukraine.The Bulgars founded the First Bulgarian Empire in AD 681, which dominated most of the Balkans and significantly influenced Slavic cultures by developing the Cyrillic script.This state lasted until the early 11th century, when Byzantine emperor Basil II conquered and dismantled it.The Russo-Turkish War of 1877–78 resulted in the formation of the current Third Bulgarian State.

As Ottoman power began to wane, Habsburg Austria and Russia saw Bulgarian Christians as potential allies.

They convened the Constantinople Conference in 1876, but their decisions were rejected by the Ottomans.

This allowed the Russian Empire to seek a military solution without risking confrontation with other Great Powers, as had happened in the Crimean War.

This prevented Byzantine attempts at Hellenisation and created fertile ground for further revolt.

In 1185 Asen dynasty nobles Ivan Asen I and Peter IV organized a major uprising and succeeded in re-establishing the Bulgarian state.

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Their name is not completely understood and is difficult to trace back earlier than the 4th century AD, Ethnic groups in Inner Asia with phonologically similar names were frequently described in similar terms: during the 4th century, the Buluoji, a component of the "Five Barbarian" groups in Ancient China, were portrayed as both a "mixed race" and "troublemakers".

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