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Ex chat tunisia

I thought I could turn this around in about 6 months -- 10 years later the film was ready!So the first shoot was filming his centenary event which was pretty spectacular to see this packed theatre, all clapping and singing songs I had never heard before.But he had almost a childlike quality to him that was very endearing.The family talk very fondly of him and have hilarious stories of his eccentricites and humor which are not actually in the film.

Becoming familiar with the music and its context within Tunisian culture cemented his public figure image and the family interviews constructed a full image of him as a human being.In parallel, I began to interview members of the family and this began to open up his personal life to me and help me unravel the complexities within the story.At this point in my head Hedi’s career and the family story were two separate things.Of course it’s subjective and so is my interpretation of who he was as there is much of his story we don’t cover.So I have a good grasp of his legacy and how and why he was who he was, from his difficult and unusual (for the time) upbringing to his musical gifts and pioneering spirit.

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I went to his office and he pulled out a load of VHS tapes of his performances and a wonderful programme called "Tunis Chante Et Danse" about the history of Tunisian arts and culture, beautifully narrated by Frederic Mitterrand -- that was the first time I’d ever seen footage of the public persona of my Grandfather.