Facebook ads dating sites married women dating illinois

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Facebook ads dating sites

Facebook will only approve Dating Partners that follow very strict rules – you can only target single people, not those in a relationship, and your website cannot advertise casual sex, hook-ups, cheating, or other overtly sexual or “immoral” content.

This means that cloaking is almost inevitable for most dating sites using Facebook. Cloaking is a technique designed to direct some of your traffic to a carefully vetted landing page, whilst directing the majority of your visitors to your genuine page.

Posting and interacting with the members of such pages will allow you to build a community reputation, which will in turn give you the chance to carefully share links to your website without being open about the fact that it is yours.

For instance, if a discussion thread turns to dating and finding sexy women, one well-placed post mentioning how easy you found it to meet hot women for hook-ups at *your website* will be plausible and raise interest and clicks, as long as you also engage in the general discussion and don’t simply spam the page – which is a sure-fire way to get reported and banned.

• Make sure that the landing page Facebook will visit is appropriately cloaked with a suitable version that complies with its rules.This does mean that you will lose genuine traffic from those same areas, but this added layer of safety is a small price to pay to avoid being banned.• Avoid targeting audiences that will find your real content offensive, as you will run the risk of being banned due to reports of inappropriate content.However, getting traffic from Facebook to your dating website isn’t impossible – if you know how!Learn how to use Facebook to send traffic to your dating website, without getting banned!

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