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Free egyptian sex photos

But sexuality isn’t something we really associate with them when we talk about this great civilization. During the Napoleonic era, a craze and interest in Egypt and their ancient history arose, leading to the discovery of the great Rosetta stone and the birth of a new branch in history and archaeology studies known as .As a result, during the 1820's, among a huge collection excavated from the Valley of the Kings and resting inside the safety of the walls of the newly opened Egyptian Museum of Turin, a very intriguing artifact was found. Concealed since until the seventies due to its “obscene” depictions, this document completely changed our western perception of Ancient Egypt. COM - The World's Biggest Porn Tube Site since 2008. Stream, or download among any of our 600,000 porn videos! The team at works hard to keep you satisfied, with hundreds of new porno videos added every day.In other words, it was one of the first examples of pornography.As I mentioned, unlike other ancient cultures, sexuality in Ancient Egypt was depicted in a more subtle and encoded way.Even today, historians and archaeologists still ignore what this papyrus represented in its time.While some think it was a theological document or magical artifact to ensure a deceased person’s journey to the afterlife, the most common consensus is that it could be the first erotic depiction of sexuality.

In the case of images or engravings, Victorians and other Europeans were more creative and placed museum signs to cover the god's genitals.

In that way, hunting scenes or animals were mostly used to depict fertility, reproduction, and sexuality.

Another important thing to mention is that while human sexuality was mainly encoded, when it came to the depiction of gods, the nature of the iconography changed.

Just like the god Min, several other deities were depicted in explicit sexual interpretations.

That’s what makes of the so interesting and game changing, since it doesn’t depict any deity of the Egyptian pantheon.

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If you think about it, it’s very logical in its essence.

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