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In addition to the close relatives of Finnish (the Finnic languages), this name is also used in the Baltic languages Latvian and Lithuanian.

The country rapidly developed an advanced economy while building an extensive welfare state based on the Nordic model, resulting in widespread prosperity and one of the highest per capita incomes in the world.Finland became a common name for the whole country in a centuries-long process that started when the Catholic Church established missionary diocese in Nousiainen in the northern part of the province of Suomi possibly sometime in the 12th century.The devastation of Finland during the Great Northern War (1714–1721) and during the Russo-Swedish War (1741–1743) caused Sweden to begin carrying out major efforts to defend its eastern half from Russia.In the Bronze Age permanent all-year-round cultivation and animal husbandry spread, but the cold climate phase slowed the change.Cultures in Finland shared common features in pottery and also axes had similarities but local features existed.

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Gothic guma, Latin homo) has been suggested, being borrowed as *ćoma.

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