Gina carano dating kimbo slice

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Gina carano dating kimbo slice

In contrast, Gina Carano, also known as “Crush” from NBC’s American Gladiators, has a lot of fights under her belt and an insatiable sexiness that no straight guy can get enough of.I’m hoping the big dogs like UFC/WEC or Affliction will establish a female division so that her fans can see her in action in the octagon again.Slice was one of the most famous competitors the sport has ever seen.Everyone loves a knockout specialist, and that was Slice, through and through.Our Woman Crush Wednesday is the gorgeous and talented Gina Joy Carano (7-1).

It’s braggin’ rights.” Slice’s fierce attitude and colorful personality paired with his trademark image consisting of a thick black beard, gold teeth and signature do-rag, made him difficult to miss.

It didn’t matter if he was pitted against an overmatched opponent or at a deficit in skill, Slice would always look to win, and win big.

His name caught fire in the mid-2000s due to the massive popularity of You Tube videos where he participated in backyard bareknuckle fights against fellow brawlers in his hometown of Miami. “A fight starts by word of mouth,” Kimbo told in 2006.

Ronda Rousey, Conor Mc Gregor and Brock Lesnar are among those few, and Slice was right there.

But even as a larger-than-life character he always humble, kind and genuine to those around him.

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Born in the Bahamas but raised in Florida, Slice was a standout football player during his time at Bethune-Cookman University and the University of Miami.