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Gmail backdating email

However, this is even more of a reason to use Notepad because it can handle large text files easily.

You may want to adjust the message to reflect the time the sender actually sent the original message.

This would be written as: Tue, -0400 You can find the original weekday by using your Windows Calendar (double-click the clock, adjust the date to the time the sender originally sent the email to you).

You can also use alternative calendars like Google Calendar or Yahoo! Next, remove the “Fw:” portion of the subject line): The only other header needed for is completely.

At least one editor in chief got that rueful look he gets. But not to totally Scrooge the only holiday besides Halloween to have the potential for serious cruelty built right in (okay, yes, Valentine's Day ...), we will point out a pretty good gag that might hit home with lawyers in Silicon Valley, at the least.

So we have refrained today from reporting ohhhh, that Orrick is filing to trademark the O in its l0g0, f0rcing every0ne t0 use zer0s fr0m n0w 0n, or that DLA Piper added its 6 millionth partner and has applied for membership in the United Nations. In a world where both backdating scandals and the perils of e-discovery are widely known, Google's announcement of a new Gmail feature ought to be interesting.

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