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Posted by / 19-Oct-2020 22:02

She’ll try to evoke sympathy in you so that you’ll want to help her when she asks for financial help. If your online date asks you to send her money, this is a surefire sign that she is a scammer.

It’s difficult to imagine a woman who would request something from the man she hardly knows.

No matter how reliable the online dating site is, it can’t be totally protected from dating scam.

It’s impossible to check the identity of every user simply because dating sites are not marriage agencies where people must provide their documents and only then be added to the database.

If you get a letter from a girl, you should pay attention to it.

If it sounds impersonal or as if automatically generated, be cautious. You should get even more alert if after the initial contact a girl starts bombarding you with questions and those questions are aimed at figuring out your financial status.

When a man is in love, he doesn’t notice many things. Rule number two says you should never send money to the woman you met online if she asks for it.

But Russian women do seem very proficient in dating men only for money.

If she mainly asks questions but omits to answer yours, she is checking whether she can get something from you. Although scammers pay attention to detail and try to create plausible profiles, some of them include only scarce information.

And this is what gives them away because women that truly want to find a partner on a dating site carefully fill in their profiles. The first task of a scammer is to dull your vigilance.

So, scammers can be called the virtual gold-diggers.

While a real-life gold-digger is necessarily a woman, an online scammer can be either woman or man because they hide behind the fake profiles they create themselves.

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In fact, it’s very common to find gold diggers among Russian girls because the vast majority of Russian men can’t afford to buy expensive gifts for their girlfriends, so russian buties go looking for expensive gifts from foreign men online to compensate.