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Another popular dating application is Filipino Cupid, which is mostly used by Filipino women to meet foreign partners.Reasons CLAIRE told the Business Mirror she chose to use Tinder initially to meet new people from different walks of life and people who have different interests.In contrast, the study revealed 58 percent of Filipino millennials surveyed said they don’t mind if they met their partners through a dating application.“It’s not that it is embarrassing at all, it’s just that I avoid hearing negative opinions from people around me about my use of a dating application,” Chai Cruz (note her real name) said.She said she kept her use of Tinder secret since some people look down on dating-app users like her.

And usually, it’s only during the day, not in the evenings, Rosa added. Usually, a man gives a bouquet of roses, which will push their budget back today at a minimum of P500.

In the US, to note, Valentine’s Day is the third-biggest holiday or season for the -billion American chocolate candy industry.

In the recent report US Food Market Outlook 2018, market research firm Packaged Facts estimates that holiday/seasonal chocolates account for 24 percent of all sales in the US chocolate candy market.

‘IF it’s not online, it’s not real,” an adage goes. Or even engaging in a relationship with amorous affection?

For Claire de los Reyes (not her real name), new technology in communication provided her a platform to enter into such a relationship. Claire and Dave are classified as millennials: Filipinos born during the heady days of industry’s love affair with mobile.

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The latter could get as fast as getting a ride on Uber or Grab.