Gossip girl vampire dating Sex ipad video

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Gossip girl vampire dating

Brooke Davis (played by Sophia Bush) is just another version of the “Mean Girls” and Blair Waldorf of Gossip Girl, combined. I could connect to the blonde of the series, Payton Sawyer (played by Hilary Burton) on all levels. The series is based in the imaginary town of Mystic Falls, a town having a supernatural history ever since its settlement of migrants from New England in the 19th century.

Everyone, regardless of their sexual orientation, would fall for her sooner or later as the series progresses! Overly fascinated with music, she reminded me of Scarlett Johannsson. You can see the Salvatores, the Gilberts, the Fells, the Forbes, and the Lockwoods in the series.

The fashion-filled show takes you on a long ride of twists and turns and the turmoil that comes along the way in the life of the Upper East Siders. Also, can we take some moment to talk about Chuck Bass? I don’t like the Humphreys much, especially Dan Humphrey! One Tree Hill is an American television drama series set in the fictional town of Tree Hill in North Carolina.

One year later, the erstwhile friends reunite as they receive threatening messages from a villain named “A”, who tortures them for the mistakes they have made during and after the lifetime of Alison.The show portrays Jess as a bubbly young woman who teaches at a LA middle school. The first season of the show focuses on the life of Carrie, the protagonist, played by Anna Sophia Robb during her junior year of high-school as she explores life in New York while interning at a fashion magazine.One random day, she comes home only to find her boyfriend, Spencer, in the arms of another woman and dumps him immediately. Remember Jenny Humphrey’s internship at the Waldorfs’?Leighton Meester, Ed Westwick, Taylor Momsen and Kelly Rutherford were particularly strong.I loved the fashion, the NY setting, and the music. While the non-stop bed hopping and relationship merry go round got annoying, one of the main couples has the best chemistry I've seen on any television show in years.

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