Guys dating a single mother 49 german dating sites in english

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Edit 2: To those guys saying they wouldn't because they don't like kids, don't feel like they're responsible enough, aren't old enough, etc... To those of you saying that single moms (especially single moms under a certain age) are sluts, make bad decisions, etc... Married couples with kids still make time for each other, go on dates, have sex, whatever.

If they didn't, they wouldn't be married.

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If you already are - some insight into how you feel about her kid(s). To anyone saying single moms should stay single because it should be all about the kid(s) - This doesn't really make sense to me.

Is there just a way to partition single moms into "long-term" and "short-term" possibilities just by looking at her, or what? The OP, if she's looking for men to date, should really be careful to date somebody that's seriously interested in something long-term.

I guess it's none of my business who she dates, actually. But, depending on how old the kid is, I agree with baelwulf in that men "popping in and out" would be traumatic and confusing.

So why can't single parents try to find happiness with another adult as well?

As long as they don't fuck up their kids in the process, I don't see what the big deal is.

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They just want you to "handle" them, hur hur hur...

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