Imvu dating

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Imvu dating

Once you have tied the knot, your profiles will be linked together with your married status displayed on both of your profile cards.You can send personalized announcements regarding your union to your family and friends on IMVU.You will also receive a badge to display on your personal profile.You can decorate the room together with items each of you have collected and make it a very special room indeed! Interacting with other avatars in beautiful 3-D themed settings also appeals to the sense of imaginary play, and artists love the creator program.Cary Rosenzweig, chief executive and president of the Palo Alto, Calif.IMVU now has more than 40 million registered users and six million unique visitors a month, according to com Score.You will shortly have access to a new room: As a couple, you can decorate this new room, invite your friends to your new home and decide if you want this new room to be your public room or keep it private.

You created your avatar, spent time making new many friends and having conversations with others.

Now you want to celebrate these relationships and get married!

How It Works One avatar can propose to another and start planning the most amazing wedding.

A lightly moderated community with plenty of fun times all around!

Regular banter, active nightly VC's, drinking and good laughs.

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Users can create their own avatars for free, but IMVU got a big boost this summer after it launched a new user interface.