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The beauty of the standard-question → interesting-follow-up approach is that it will take your first date conversations to places where you’ll indirectly get to know a whole lot about the other person, without directly — and awkwardly — having to ask them, “What is your deepest fear? ” While your questions should be thought-provoking, your partner should be able to answer them without missing too much of a beat; people feel dumb when they have to do the “Hmmm, boy, well, oooh, that’s a tough one” thing, and struggle to come up with a response.A good gauge of whether a question hits the sweet spot is simply to ask yourself the question, and see if you both enjoy thinking about it and can pretty readily imagine how you’d respond.Since we spend the majority of our lives at work, we’d better like the people we work with. You’ve probably Googled each other Admit it: You check Google, Facebook, Twitter and grill mutual friends before going on with somebody.No wonder then, that job interviews often feel like they’re less about what you’ve done and more about who you are. You gather as much information as you can before you meet so you’ll know your date’s not an ax murderer. If you’re not doing your homework, you can be sure the hiring manager is. Some people have that one suit that works for every occasion. A few sartorial tip for job seekers: One, wear something that makes you feel good, since you’ll project confidence. And three, try on the outfight the night before, so that you can avoid last-minute wardrobe changes that make you late to the meeting. You’ll make assumptions based on the silliest things He’s wearing Warby Parker glasses, so he must be a hipster. He leans back in his chair, so he must be arrogant.

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Also, remember that a conversation isn’t an interrogation — you don’t want to ask question after question without sharing anything about yourself.

Your date will hopefully turn these questions back on you, and come up with ones of their own.

We then selected the most popular questions from each area and asked relationship experts worldwide to share their advice and answers to the big questions.

From a professional wingman to dating coaches and psychotherapists, we have all the bases covered!

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With all these questions, it seems that some real relationship advice is in order…