Invalidating query cache entries table mysql dating after divorce children men

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Invalidating query cache entries table mysql

I don't understand why this bug isn't treated with more severity.It completely hamstrings any large volume setup - in my case, my only decent primary key is a surrogate key - and that's untenable because of the locking and lost concurrency (even with lock_mode = 2). to improve query times)" PK is not really an option for them since there are no short unique columns.For subsequent Milestone 2 releases, we plan to use increasing version numbers (5.5.1 and higher) while continuing to employ the suffixes are no used.

on master: mysql delete from t1 order by rand(); Query OK, 78130 rows affected (2.61 sec) on slave it takes 78130*78130 row reads to process (still running): ---TRANSACTION 0 1799, ACTIVE 731 sec, OS thread id 3672 fetching rows mysql tables in use 1, locked 1 153 lock struct(s), heap size 30704, 78278 row lock(s), undo log entries 10045 My SQL thread id 5, query id 16 Reading event from the relay log Number of rows inserted 78130, updated 0, deleted 10045, read 370899004 0.00 inserts/s, 0.00 updates/s, 16.20 deletes/s, 600754.85 reads/s How to repeat: #setup rbr master and slave.

You may also see "invalidating query cache entries (table)" as a symptom in the processlist.

If you see that, check to see whether this is the possible root cause instead of giving full blame to only the query cache.

The move to this model provides for more frequent milestone releases, with each milestone proceeding through a small number of releases having a focus on a specific subset of thoroughly tested features.

Following the releases for one milestone, development proceeds with the next milestone; that is, another small number of releases that focuses on the next small set of features, also thoroughly tested.

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