Is post dating a check legal gretchen housewives orange county dating slade

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Is post dating a check legal

Laws about this sort of thing vary from state to state though I've never known of a state where it is legal.

I can say with certainty that it is illegal in Pennsylvania, New York and Virginia. I thought to post-date something was to write the date as 15 Dec.

It just means that if some freak actually takes your check to your bank on Friday and tries to cash it, and you don't have the money, you've committed fraud.

Regardless of what the date on the check says, or what your good intentions were. If someone gives you a postdated check with the understanding to hold it till the date and it then bounces, you must suit to collect.

If the bank honors this and cashes out the check before the written date, they are in effect giving free money to the bearer of the check, since there is no money in the account (yet) to back up the transaction. 17, the person you give it to may wait to deposit it. It's like a voucher, or a poker exchanged for cash the moment it's presented.

I'd like to add, if your bank is automated, the computer system ignores the date. Which isn't to say that writing a check on Friday, knowing that it won't hit the bank til Monday, which is payday, isn't convenient and really handy.

This solves the problem of people not having enough cash to pay for the whole year at once, and protects the school from people who pull their kids out early and try to duck the full-year tuition obligation they agreed to. The Uniform Commercial Code, which is in effect in all states but Louisiana, section 3-113 (1) says: "An instrument may be antedated or postedated.

The date stated determines the time of payment if the instrument is payable at a fixed period after date.

If I give you a check today that's dated June 24th, it's stale.I thought to post-date something was to write the date as 15 Dec.who really stops at a stop sign when no other car is coming or slows down at a yellow light? If you mail a check to a large company, like a credit card company, they probably process your check by computer as well. by agreement cheques can be post dated as in and installment contract where all documents are signed and verified together with the terms.The UCC (Uniform Commercial Code) states that an instrument payable on demand is not payable before its date.Therefore, a post-dated check remains payable on demand, but not before the date noted on the check.

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Generally, the fact that a check is post-dated, in and of itself, does not render the check a conditional obligation nor does it have any impact whatsoever on the checks negotiability. The subsequent paragraph agrees with aahala on the fact that some state consider post-dated checks are promisary notes. sailor, I did a search on "post date check", any date in the GQ forum only and got zero hits.

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